Autogas at ENI petrol station, in Paralimni
24 January 2020

A fully licensed ENI Autogas station has been operating in Paralimni since 14 January 2020. The station is located on 237, 1st April Street in Paralimni. 

Autogas is offered as an alternative motor vehicle fuel and is suitable for all vehicles that can operate on liquefied petroleum gas. It is a more cost-efficient, but more importantly, environmentally-friendly option, as it helps reduce emissions. 

The ENI petrol station’s facilities in Paralimni operate in line with all safety and environmental standards of the European Union, Cypriot legislation and regulations of the relevant department of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry. 

The Petrolina/Eni network operates another two licensed petrol stations which offer Autogas; an Eni station located on Larnakos Avenue in Nicosia, as well as a Petrolina station on Franklin Roosevelt Avenue in Limassol.