Terms and Conditions MyPetrolina

Terms and Conditions MyPetrolina


1.1.    In these Terms, the following terms shall have the meaning set out below, unless the context otherwise suggests:

App shall mean the application ‘MyPetrolina’, which is accessible from web and mobile devices; 

Company shall mean Petrolina (Holdings) Public Limited, a public company having its  registered office at 1 Kilkis, 6015 Larnaca;
Member shall mean the person who creates, uses and owns the App;

MyPetrolina Scheme shall refer to the key programmes/features (Points, Stamps, Draw and Group Schemes) of the App;

Points Scheme shall mean the loyalty programme of the Company providing discounts and rewards to Members subject to the present Terms;

Terms shall mean these Terms & Conditions which regulate the App and the MyPetrolina Scheme, as amended from time to time; 

Stamps Scheme shall mean the continuity programmes of the Company which are to be launched several times per year, through which Members can collect stamps (physically or digitally) and purchase products designated by the MyPetrolina Scheme, with a discount but subject to these Terms and the terms of each promotion; 

Draws Scheme shall mean the draws for products or gift vouchers, subject to these Terms and the terms of each promotion. 

1.2.    The use of the App requires the unconditional acceptance of these Terms, which apply to the entire content, graphics, images, photos and files contained therein. By creating, owning or using the App, each Member confirms that he/she has read, understood and agreed to these Terms.

1.3.    The Terms shall be read together with the Company’s Privacy Notice which can be found at [www.petrolina.com.cy]. Use of your personal information is governed by the Company’s Privacy Notice, which forms an integral part of these Terms.


2.1.    The Terms regulate  all operations carried out through the App. The Terms apply to the use of your account within the App and govern the relationship between the Company (we or us) and the Member (you or your).

2.2.    The aim of the Points and Stamps Schemes are to reward Company’s retail customers with special discounts and/or offers while carrying out promotions, as well as to inform Members about the products and services of the Company. Customers of the Company that use Petrolina Cards (corporate customers) and/or Local Cards with their purchases will not be able to participate in the MyPetrolina Scheme. 

2.3.    The Terms can be accessed anytime through the App and can also be found on the Company’s website at [www.petrolina.com.cy].

2.4.    The Points and Stamps Schemes are only locally valid, i.e., within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

2.5.    The Draw Scheme is only valid for MyPetrolina members. 


3.1.    You may use the App for personal and lawful use in accordance with these Terms. You are not allowed to copy or use any material from the App for any commercial purpose.

3.2.    You must use the information and data contained in the App in a lawful manner and consistent with good faith and fair practice. In the opposite case, you undertake the responsibility to restore any damage that may be caused to us by your unlawful or improper use.

3.3.    You are also prohibited from using in conjunction with the App or introducing into the App any malicious software or data in any way, which would possibly alter the appearance and completeness of the data and organisation of the App. Any such use shall allow the Company to obtain injunctive relief as well as any ancillary remedy which the Company considers necessary and appropriate to restore any damage that may be sustained.

3.4.    The content of the pages of the App (including, without limitation, images, trademarks, all intellectual property rights, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, services provided, and generally all the files of this App) are and shall remain the Company’s intellectual property.  This includes registered trademarks and service marks that are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Cyprus law, European law and the international treaties or unregistered marks used by the Company. None of them may be, therefore, wholly or partly used, sold, copied, amended, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

3.5.    The intellectual property in all materials on the App which is supplied as part of MyPetrolina Scheme is owned by us or our third-party licensors. 

3.6.    Other distinctive features, products or services, which are referred to and contained on the websites of the App and which bear the marks of the respective organisations, companies, associates, bodies, associations or publications, shall be their own intellectual and industrial property, and these bodies shall, therefore, bear their respective protection rights.

3.7.    Some features of the App may require access to your device’s camera, push notifications and geolocation system. We will ask for your consent before accessing such features. 

3.8.    We may run extra offers or promotions from time to time through which you can earn additional Points under Points Scheme. These extra offers or promotions may have additional terms, which will apply to them.  We will communicate what these additional terms are before we start the offer or promotion.  By participating in an offer or promotion, you will be treated as having accepted its additional terms.

4.1.    To be eligible to create an account in the App you must be over 17 years of age. 

4.2.    Anyone using Petrolina cards and/or local cards shall not be able to participate in the MyPetrolina Scheme.

4.3.    Members who have debts due to the Company cannot redeem any points to purchase products or for any other purpose.

4.4.    Accounts within the App shall be created and issued to natural persons only, free of charge and with no obligation to buy products from us.

4.5.    The account of each new Member of the App is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another individual. Each Member will be, therefore, rewarded with loyalty points, which will correspond to their own purchases from the Company’s service stations. The Company reserves the right to cancel or claim back any rewards that contravene this requirement. 

4.6.    Registration to the MyPetrolina Scheme shall be done electronically, by the Member downloading the App and inputting the information needed to create an account on the online application form on the App.

4.7.    A prerequisite of successful registration is to fill in all the required fields of the application form, accept the Terms and acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Notice. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the MyPetrolina Scheme without any justification. In the event of an applicant submitting false information to us, the applicant is liable to the Company for any damages suffered.

4.8.    It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal details which are provided through the initial registration form when you create an account within the App. To update your personal details, you can make all necessary changes in your profile within the App or by sending an email to [mypetrolina@petrolina.com.cy]. 



5.1.    The App can be used to collect points through transactions at participating Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations in Cyprus. The list of participating service stations and any amendments thereof shall be published within the App.

5.2.    You can collect your points on eligible purchases only. Points collected from transactions from Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations are as below:

5.2.1.    P-EnergyMax Automotive fuels (Unleaded 95/98, Eurodiesel): 1 euro = 1 point.

5.2.2.    Automotive Fuel (Autogas): 1 euro = 1 point

5.2.3.    Eni Lubricants: 1 euro = 1 point

5.3.    Certain promotions will award more points to you during the duration of a specific promotion. We will be sharing notifications to inform you about the dates of these promotions. 

5.4.    Points collected under the Points Scheme shall be valid for a period up to 3 (three) years from the year of collection and the date may be amended without prior notice. For example, points accumulated in 2022, starting form 1st  January 2022 until 31st  December 2022, will expire on 31st December 2024 etc. Points collected cannot be used after their expiry date.

5.5.    The points will not be redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and will have no cash value.

5.6.    Points can be redeemed for coupons that can be used to purchase specific products from a product catalogue and which will be delivered to a service station of your choice. The delivery of the products to the service station may take up to 2 weeks. Products available to be purchased with points will be changing throughout the year. Therefore, you are advised that you only redeem the points against the products available at the time of redeeming the points.

5.7.    The points cannot be transferred between Members.

5.8.    We reserve the right to correct incorrect points balances in your account in the App.


5.9.    You can redeem your points for purchasing products from the product catalogue.

5.10.    You can find the product catalogue with products available for purchasing at discounted prices within the App. 

5.11.    When redeeming collected points through the App, you may choose a specific physical product or a digital product from the available catalogue and select ‘Redeem’ on the App. 

5.12.    When you choose a physical product, a voucher will be created on the App allowing you to select your preferred service station (the Delivery Service Station) from which you will be able to collect the selected product.

5.13.    You will receive a notification to collect the product from your chosen Delivery Service Station once we deliver the product to the Delivery Service Station.

5.14.    You will have to demonstrate the online voucher created through your App to the cashier to be burned. If the voucher is not burned, we reserve the right to redeem the voucher once the product is delivered. Once the voucher is issued, you cannot cancel it.

5.15.    When you choose a digital product, a voucher will be created on the App with a QR code allowing you to use your digital products with that QR code. Once the voucher is issued, you may cancel or change it at the discretion of the Company. Digital products and respective vouchers created on the App will have additional terms and conditions, which will apply to them.  

5.16.    The benefits and/or products purchased by redeeming points, which are in good standing and according to their description in the special gift catalogue and as long as they have been ordered by the Member, will not be returned or rejected.


6.1.    The Company may from time to time collaborate with certain entities and/or organisations in order to provide exclusive products to Members and/or employees of Members, thus creating a group (the Group).  The establishment of a Group requires a separate written agreement between the Company and certain entities and/or organisations that will lead to such Group (the Agreement), such agreement regulating the special terms and conditions applicable to the specific Group (the Group Scheme). 

6.2.    Members may join a Group and benefit from a Group Scheme, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria set out in an Agreement.  A request must be made through the designated representatives of the Group, which are set out in the Agreement. 

6.3.    Each Member can only join one Group Scheme.

6.4.    To join a Group Scheme, a Member must:

6.4.1.    Download the App and create an account if they do not already have one;

6.4.2.    Select “Group” button in the profile of the App; and

6.4.3.    Enter the unique code consisting of the specific Group name, as well as a unique member code which will be communicated to such Member by their respective Group representatives.

6.5.    If the conditions to be accepted into the Group Scheme are met, you will automatically be placed in the Group and be eligible for all the benefits of the Group Scheme.

6.6.    In the event that the Agreement between the Company and the Group expires and/or terminates for any reason, then the Member shall no longer be eligible to the Group Scheme benefits, unless the Agreement is renewed.

6.7.    Members of each Group Scheme may from time to time be offered targeted and exclusive products and prizes in addition to the rewards offered by the App based on the Agreement in place between the Company and each Group.

6.8.    Exclusive prizes and/or other benefits offered by the App to each Group in the Group Scheme differ depending on each Agreement.

6.9.    For greater certainty, this Group Scheme is and remains subject to all of the other applicable terms and conditions of the Agreement.

6.10.    To the extent of any inconsistency between the Terms and any other provision of the Agreement, the Agreement will govern with respect to the Group Scheme of the App.

The Company may communicate special offers, prizes, information and services to individual Members, either belonging to a Group or not, provided that the Member provides prior explicit consent.


7.1.    During the period of a continuity programme, you will be able to collect physical or digital stamps and purchase any of the products of that programme at discounted prices. Please check the relevant information of the specific programme, including the availability of the stamps and the duration of the programme, at the informational leaflet found in the service stations, or at the stamps section of the App. 

7.2.    You can collect a leaflet at a participating service station and affix your stamps to the available leaflet or collect the stamps digitally in order to start saving for the available products. You can only redeem the stamps once, either physically by attaching them to the leaflet or digitally. We have provided two (2) stamps on the leaflet/digitally in the App as a gift to participating Members. You can collect stamps as follows: 

With each € 10 on automotive fuel (Unleaded 95/98, Eurodiesel, Autogas) you will receive 1 stamp.

7.3.    Upon collecting 8 stamps, you will be able to choose a specific product from the available product catalogue by simply providing the relevant digital voucher or the complete leaflet to the cashier and paying the remaining amount. By redeeming the stamps, you can purchase the products with a discount. 

7.4.    The stamps can be redeemed until the date mentioned in the leaflet and the ‘Stamps’ section of the App.  Items can only be redeemed with a fully completed leaflet or a digital voucher, i.e., upon collection of 8 stamps.

7.5.    For purchasing products without stamps, visit our website at [www.petrolina.com.cy] or call 24 848206. In such event, the final purchase price shall be the recommended retail price of the product mentioned in the leaflet and the Stamps section of the App.

7.6.    There is no limit to the quantity of products you can collect. 

7.7.    If you choose to collect digital stamps after making a transaction in Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations, you will not be able to also collect stamps on leaflets for the same transaction and vice versa.

7.8.    The promotion is valid as long as stock lasts. 

7.9.    For information on the selected service stations, please visit www.petrolina.com.cy.


8.1.    Eligibility to Enter the Scheme: The prize draw is only open to Members of MyPetrolina App over 18 years of age, who are not employees of the Company and Petrolina, Agip and Eni service stations, nor first-degree relatives or spouses of the said employees, nor employees of the advertising company DeLeMa Communication Ltd*. In entering the prize draw, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you may win according to the terms and conditions of that specific Draw. For more information regarding the prize of the draws, please visit the relevant tab of the App or the website www.petrolina.com.cy.

8.2.    By making a transaction in Petrolina, Agip and Eni service stations you gain free participations to the prize draw as follows:  

With each €10 on automotive fuel (Unleaded 95/98, Eurodiesel, Autogas) you will receive 1 participation.

8.3.    The Company will provide prizes for the draw from time to time. The winners will be chosen by a random draw performed by the Company by a computer process and they will be notified by email or telephone within 7 days of being chosen.  We will publicly announce the date and place where the winner will receive the prize and notify the winner accordingly.

8.4.    If a winner does not respond to the Company within 7 days of being notified, then the prize will be given to the runner-up as per the process described above.

8.5.    The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered. We reserve the right to replace the prize with an alternative prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond the Company’s control makes it necessary to do so.

8.6.    Participation to the draws is only available to Members and no prize will be awarded or delivered to any other than the winning participant.

8.7.    The decision of the Company regarding any aspect of the prize draw or competition is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this matter.

8.8.    We reserve the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the promotion if it becomes necessary to do so.


9.1.    Through the App, you will be able to locate the nearest service station and get directions via smartphone maps per area and stations according to their services.

9.2.    You will also be able to review your past transaction details, including the service station, date and points earned.


10.1.    You may delete your App account by contacting us and requesting the deletion of your account via mypetrolina@petrolina.com.cy

10.2.    Your App account shall be deleted within 30 days from your request.

10.3.    In the event that we become aware that you have created more than one App accounts and/or provided us with false, incomplete or misleading information and/or that an App account is being used in a fraudulent or unauthorised manner and/or in contravention of the present Terms, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the account at our absolute discretion. We will directly block the account when unlawful use is ascertained.

10.4.    We shall not be liable to you for any direct or indirect, existing or future losses connected to the termination or deletion of the MyPetrolina Scheme and the App account.

10.5.    The Company reserves the right to terminate accounts of Members, which are inactive for a period of more than one year, as well as delete the points corresponding to them.

10.6.    In case of termination and cancellation of the account, the Member is required to immediately discontinue using any scheme and remove the account.


11.1.    We may suspend the operation of the App for repair or maintenance work or in order to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the App from time to time. Access to or use of the App or pages linked to it will not necessarily be uninterrupted or error free. 

11.2.    We reserve the right to decide to suspend or discontinue access to part or the entire App at our discretion. 

11.3.    We may add restrictions on the collection and redemption of Points from time to time at our discretion. We also may investigate and restrict our Points offering where we suspect fraud, misuse or abuse of our programme, without further notice. Please contact us for more information.

11.4.    In the event that we suspend or discontinue access to part of or the entire App, we will be giving you a month’s notice to redeem your collected points on the App. 


12.1.    The App gives you the possibility, but no obligation, to collect points and stamps, buy specific products at a set discount and participate in the draws.

12.2.    A list of the specific service stations, products and discounts can be found within the App. In addition, the total number of MyPetrolina points, digital stamps and draw participations as well as the upcoming campaigns can be found on the App.

12.3.    The points you can collect through the App do not affect any points you collect based on the reward schemes of the Bank of Cyprus and the Hellenic Bank. 

12.4.    You can use the same transaction to gain points for Points Scheme, stamps for Stamps Scheme (if it is applicable for that period) and participations for Draws Scheme (if it is applicable for that period). 

12.5.    We reserve the right to change the products available for sale on the App and the discount levels at our absolute discretion without your prior consent or notification. Such amendments shall be published within the App.


13.1.    We reserve the right to integrate a new service station or to remove an existing service station from the MyPetrolina Scheme at our absolute discretion without your consent. The list of participating service stations and any amendments thereof shall be published within the App. 

13.2.    We shall not be liable for any of the services provided by other participating businesses. 

13.3.    We shall not be liable in the event any of the businesses participating in the Points Scheme discontinue their participation, and/or withdraw any of the products/services offered.

14.1.    You agree to use our App and our Schemes on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. On that basis, except as expressly set out in these Terms or in accordance with your statutory rights, we do not enter into conditions, warranties or other terms in relation to the App or the MyPetrolina Scheme or any guarantee or predicted result from using the App or entering into the Schemes. 

14.2.    We shall not be liable for failure to comply with these Terms due to any event that is beyond its reasonable control, including (without limitation), the input of wrong information by any Member. 

14.3.    The App includes links to external sites and co-branded pages which are not owned by us. These links have been included to provide you with access to information and services that you may be interested in.  We do  not endorse the content of external sites and we are not responsible for the content of these sites or any damage that might arise out of their use.

14.4.    To the extent permitted by law, the Company, its employees and agents shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs and expenses (whether direct, indirect or consequential) suffered, sustained or incurred as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with the App and/or the use of any prize and/or use of any Schemes.

14.5.    We shall not be liable for the products offered or gained or purchased through the App. For any defects of the products, please contact the company as mentioned in the terms and conditions of the product. 

14.6.    The Member must check the accuracy and correctness of the information of the receipt received, points collected or stamps received from the service stations after each transaction. The Company shall not have any obligation or liability to the Member for any default of performance or inaccurate performance of the obligations of the undertakings or shops, which cooperate in the available schemes, as well as for any contractual or noncontractual compensation.


15.1.    The Terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. The District Court of Larnaca shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising hereunder or from use of the App or from participation in the MyPetrolina Scheme.

15.2.    In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and the applicable law, applicable law shall prevail.


16.1.    We may amend, withdraw, suspend and/or interrupt the Schemes or any part thereof at any time, in our sole discretion without notice. 

16.2.    These Terms may be amended from time to time without notice and any changes will take effect immediately upon publication on our website at [www.petrolina.com.cy] or at the Terms in this App.  The amended Terms will appear in the form of a notification once you use the App and/or by any other reasonable means at our reasonable discretion. By using the App, you are acknowledging your agreement to be bound by these Terms as they may be amended from time to time. The Company does not accept any liability in case you fail to be informed about the changes that have occurred and have been publicly disclosed as described above.

16.3.    Unless otherwise stated specifically, these Terms prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.

16.4.    If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other provision. 

16.5.    We may delay enforcing our rights under these Terms without forfeiting them. 

16.6.    These Terms are between you and us.  No other person will have any right to enforce any of these Terms. Neither of us will need to get the agreement of any other person in order to exercise our rights under these Terms.

16.7.    You agree that the Company might sub-contract the performance of any of its obligations or may assign these Terms or any of its rights or obligations without giving you notice. 

16.8.    If you have any enquiries or complaints (about the Terms or the Points Scheme or Continuity Programme or Draw Scheme or Group Scheme or someone else’s use of the App), please address them to [mypetrolina@petrolina.com.cy].
These Terms were last updated on 23/06/2023.