Liquid Petroleum Gas
The company trades in LPG fuel (Autogas) and LPG for industrial applications, the tourist industry, restaurants and for domestic uses, such as cooking and heating. LPG quality is subject to related legislation.
LPG in bulk - Supply

Petrolina, being a pioneer in the country's LPG field, delivers via its own LPG tanker fleet, conforming to European manufacturing standards, to military bases, industrial and farm units, restaurants and the hotel industry.


The technical department determines the project’s energy requirements in order to estimate optimal storage capacity and carries out the installation of the LPG network based on the Code of Practice for LPG Installations of the Department of Labour Inspection.

LPG in Cylinders

Petrolina entered the LPG market back in 1969 with the production of bottled liquefied petroleum gas, and has succeeded in establishing the well-known orange gas cylinder as a "Reference Product".

The company trades LPG cylinders directly whilst it is represented by retail representatives, operating under the brands Petrolinagas, Petrogas, Centragas, Eurogas and Linagas.