Petrolina is the exclusive distributor of eni lubricants, greases and specialized products.
The Commercial Department, being fully-trained and experienced in the field of lubrication, is available for more detailed information and instructions for the selection and use of the appropriate lubricant for each particular case. Assistance is also available at Eni has always been dedicated to researching and manufacturing high- performance lubricants for all types of engines. The accumulated knowledge and experience, together with close cooperation with customers in Italy and around the world, have enabled eni products to become market leaders for all engines and all applications.
Vehicle Lubricants
The research conducted at Eni laboratories, combined with direct contact with customers worldwide, ensures state-of-the- art technology and extremely reliable products. Eni’s range of car lubricants includes standardized products that can meet the lubrication needs of all vehicles.
Industrial Lubricants
Eni’s Research & Development Department is active in the field of industrial lubricants in Italy, Europe and many other countries around the world. The Eni range of high-quality industrial products includes lubricants and specialized products that cover all industrial lubrication needs.
The NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) has developed a numerical scale to classify the consistency of various greases. It defines nine different categories, ranging from 000 (highly fluid) to 7 (solid). Eni offers an extremely wide range of greases for all applications, from specialized greases to multi-purpose greases.