Vassiliko Fuel-Storage Terminal
One of the biggest investments made by a Cypriot company.

One of the biggest investments made by a Cypriot company is the Petrolina petroleum products facility at the new fuel terminal at the Vassiliko Energy Centre, in the Larnaka district. Located between the communities of Zygi and Mari, and next to the Vassiliko port, the terminal has hosted all the liquid fuel storage facilities of the company since January 2020, which had previously been situated along the Larnaka-Dhekelia road on the coast of Larnaka since the 1960s.

As a result of the new fuel terminal, the most up-to-date and immediate service is now provided for the loading, unloading and distribution of fuels throughout Cyprus, with the added ability to serve international markets. The Petrolina terminal at Vassiliko, entailing an investment of approximately €80 million, consists of 18 storage tanks, with a total capacity of 113,000 cubic metres for all types of liquid fuels, which amounts to 77,000 cubic metres more capacity than the old facilities on the Larnaka-Dhekelia road.

These facilities in Vassiliko, for all types of Petrolina liquid fuels, employ state-of-the-art technology, conform to European standards, and are fully automated, with the latest technology in chemical additives, enabling the Company to place excellent quality products on the Cypriot market.

Equally important are the health and safety, quality, and environmental protection systems that have been installed at the facility.

Petrolina maintains close cooperation with the local communities in the area, supporting them with various utility projects and offering employment opportunities.

Vassiliko fuel-storage terminal
Construction history
Health and Safety

The facilities at Vassiliko employ all the necessary safeguards for the safety of the facilities themselves and for the protection of the environment, as well as neighbouring areas. For this purpose, a Carbovac / Alma Vapour Recovery Unit was installed which minimizes vapour emissions (VOC), ensures safety during the loading of tankers, while guaranteeing the compliance of the terminal with provisions concerning emissions both at a local and a European level.

Also at Vassiliko, state-of-the-art and automated Fire Protection Systems are in operation, remotely controlled and managed automatically. In addition, there are rainwater and oily water collection systems, an Oily Water treatment system and leakage detection systems for storage tanks. Additionally, watertight subsoil has been installed in the storage tank areas.