Petrolina: Triple points on ‘’Antamivi’’ reward scheme for heating gasoil
Only when using Bank of Cyprus cards, until 28th of February
29 January 2019

Petrolina, the only petroleum company in Cyprus which participates in the ‘’Αntamivi’’ reward scheme of Bank of Cyprus offers triple points from the 29th of January until the 28th  of February 2019. 

Specifically, consumers who purchase heating gasoil and automotive fuel over €250 in one transaction, from any Petrolina, Agip and Eni service stations are given the opportunity  to collect triple ‘’antamivi’’ points for purchases made with Visa, mastercard and American Express Cards of the Bank of Cyprus.  Οne can redeem these points at Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations by paying less or not at all, depending on the available points. \

The ‘’antamivi’’ scheme rewards with points every transaction with Bank of Cyprus cards, in more than 700 outlets all over Cyprus. These points can be redeemed at any participating business.

Terms & Conditions
The “ανταμοιβή” Scheme (hereinafter the “Scheme”) is the Card loyalty program of the Bank of Cyprus, which returns to the Cardholders participating in the Scheme part of the value of their daily purchases made by using their Card at Businesses participating in the Scheme, through the collection of Points which can be redeemed at Businesses participating in the Scheme.
The Scheme shall be valid from June 2016 and shall be governed by the following terms and conditions (the "Terms").
For the purposes of this Scheme, the following definitions shall apply:
(a) Points means the reward of the Cardholder for using his Cards during transactions carried out when purchasing products and/or services and/or otherwise from Businesses participating in the Scheme and/or any Additional Points to be announced by the Bank from time to time.
(b) Authorized Cardholder means the person (other than the Cardholder) to whom an Additional Card is issued upon the Cardholder’s request and includes his personal representatives and heirs.
(c) Additional Points means the points accumulated following promotions or campaigns carried out by the Bank.
(d) Businesses means the enterprises participating in the Scheme.
(e) Cards means cards issued from time to time by the Bank and participating in the Scheme, except for cards connected to accounts in currencies other than the Euro and/or cards which have been issued to minors and/or any other cards that may be excluded by the Bank from time to time. The exclusion of minors from the Scheme shall automatically cease when they reach adulthood.
(f) Cardholder means the person to whom the Card is granted upon his request and who agrees to be liable for transactions arising from the use of the Card and includes his personal representatives and heirs.
(g) Scheme Account means the account for rewarding the Cardholder in which the Points are collected by making use of a Card belonging to the Cardholder or by making use of the Additional Card by the Members, pursuant to the Terms of the Scheme.
(h) Members of the Scheme means the Cardholders (including the holders of Additional Cards) who participate in the Scheme.
(i) Additional Card means a card issued to an Authorised Cardholder.
(j) Scheme means the “ανταμοιβή” Scheme which is a program for rewarding the Cards of the Bank and returns to the Cardholders part of the value of their daily purchases made by using a Card at Businesses participating in the Scheme, through the collection of Points by Members, which can be redeemed at Businesses.
(k) Bank means the Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited.
(a) Amendment and Termination of the Scheme: The Bank may amend, withdraw, suspend and/or interrupt the Scheme or any part thereof at any time, in its sole discretion, by two (2) months’ notice in writing to the contracting party, unless any amendment, withdrawal, suspension and/or interruption is considered necessary for reasons of force majeure. For the purposes of this Agreement, reasons of force majeure are considered to be any reasons beyond the control of the Bank.
(b) Communication: The Terms of the Scheme can be found on the Bank's website ( as well as on the special website concerning the Scheme (
(c) Integration / Removal of a Business from the Scheme: The Bank reserves the right to integrate a new Business or to remove an existing Business from the Scheme without giving any warning to the Member.
(a) General: Whenever a Member uses a Card in order to carry out a transaction at a Business, he will collect Points in the Cardholder’s Scheme Account.
(b) Collection of Points by using an Additional Card: The Points collected from carrying out transactions by using an Additional Card shall be collected in the Cardholder’s Scheme Account.
(c) Collection of Points by using a Card issued under a joint account: The Points collected from carrying out transactions by making use of each Card issued under a joint account will be concentrated in the Scheme Account of the Cardholder who carries out the transaction by using the respective Card which is connected to the joint account.
(d) Method of collection of Points: Points shall be collected at the time of carrying out the transaction at a Business when this is authorised by the Bank's system. The Points shall be credited in the Cardholder’s Scheme Account at the time that the Bank processes the transaction. If communication with the Points reward system was not made possible at the time of the transaction, the Points shall be collected and credited in the Cardholder’s Scheme Account at the time that the Bank processed the transaction.  
The number of accumulated Points of Scheme Account cannot exceed 999.999 (value €9.999.99). In cases where the accumulated Points are close to reach this level, the Cardholder is encouraged to proceed with redemption.
It is understood that the time of crediting the points in the Cardholder’s account differs according to the terminal used by the Business.  It is further understood that, the cardholder will not be able either to redeem points or benefit from any campaigns that may be applicable during that period by the Business, if the card is used at terminals that are not supported by the Scheme.
(e) Calculation of Points: Points collected for each transaction carried out by using a Card at a Business shall be calculated on the basis of the agreement existing from time to time between the Business and the Bank. For instance, in Business A, for each €1 the client will win 5 points and consequently for a transaction worth €100, the client will win 500 Points. In Business B, for each €1 the client will win 3 points and consequently for a transaction worth €100, the client will win 300 Points. Provided that the Points collected by a Member for each transaction worth €1, may differ from Business to Business and/or from product to product and/or from service to service.
For more information regarding the Points being offered by each Business, please refer to the Bank's website as well as on the Scheme’s website (
(f) Duration of Points: Points accumulated that are valid for a period up to four (4) years. For instance, Points accumulated in 2016, starting on the 01/01/2016 until the 31/12/2016, shall be valid until the 31/12/2019. Points accumulated in 2017, starting on the 01/01/2017 until the 31/12/2017, shall be valid until the 31/12/2020 etc.
(g) Cancellation / Reversal of Transaction / Refund of the transaction amount by a Business: If for any reason a transaction or part of a transaction is cancelled or reversed or the transaction amount is fully or partially credited by the Business, the Bank shall reserve the right to deduct the Points from the Cardholder’s Scheme Account.
(h) Additional Points: Additional Points shall be credited to the Cardholder’s Scheme Account after the completion of the promotion or campaign.
(i) Interest Free Instalments: Card transactions to be carried out in interest-free instalments at Businesses shall not collect Points in the Scheme Account. 
(j) Special Discounts / Discount Coupons: Cards participating in the Scheme may benefit from special discounts and/or discount coupons to be offered by Businesses within the framework of special campaigns / promotions to be carried out through the Scheme. If at the same time special discounts and coupons are available by Businesses, the percentage and/or the value of the discount shall first be deducted from the initial amount of the transaction and then the value of the discount coupons shall be deducted. It is noted that part of the available discount that has not been used shall be transferred for use on future purchases until it expires.
(a) General: A Member may redeem Points at a Business at the time of carrying out the transaction, provided that a Member shall have the right to redeem the full amount of the transaction or part thereof, in the event that the amount of the transaction is greater than the amount of the Points that have been collected. In this case the Member must redeem all of the Points accumulated in the Scheme Account and not part thereof. Provided that, where the amount of the transaction is less than the amount that has been accumulated by the Member, only the Points corresponding to the amount of the purchase shall be deducted and the remaining Points shall remain on the Cardholder’s Scheme Account. The Cardholder and the Authorised Cardholder shall have the right to redeem the Points, provided that the Cardholder has given his authorisation for this purpose by means of a relevant notice of authorization addressed to the Bank.
(b) Value of Points: Every 100 Points collected in the Scheme Account shall be equal to €1.
(c) Minimum amount to be redeemed: In order for a Member to proceed with redeeming Points, on condition that he has a right to redeem, he should have accumulated a number of Points having the value of €10 and above (i.e. 1000 points).
(d) Business Cards: Points shall be redeemed by any Holder of a Corporate Card upon written instructions from an authorized person / persons of the company who have been authorized to manage the account for the Card.
(e) Suspension of Card: In the event that a Card is suspended or cancelled for any reason, the Member shall not be able to redeem any Points by using the said Card.
(f) Cancellation of Cards: When all of the Cardholder’s Cards are cancelled, the Scheme Account shall be closed and the Points that have not been redeemed will be immediately deleted.
(a) The benefits / privileges offered to a Member by a third person (natural or legal) who is an associate of the Bank, may be amended from time to time and/or may be withdrawn by two (2) months’ notice, except where such amendment is for the benefit of the Member, in which case a notice of one (1) month shall be given.
(b) The participation in the Scheme shall be deemed to be an irrevocable and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and of the Terms of Use of the Bank’s Cards, as these are posted on the Bank's website.
(c) These Terms and any amendments thereto shall be governed by Cyprus Law.
(d) In the event where a Member does not accept these Terms and / or wishes to exclude its Cards from this scheme, the member can be addressed and / or contact the Bank at tel. 800 00 800 (+357 22128000 for overseas calls) during working hours from Monday - Friday 7:45 to 20:00, or in case of change of these contact details in any phone notified by the Bank from time to time or to visit any branch of the Bank.
(a) Petrolina and Agip stations participate in the antamivi rewards scheme. Petrolina reserves the right to exclude any stations from this scheme. Each consumer should inquire on this matter before entering into any transaction with a specific station. 
(b) Petrolina gives every customer who pays with Bank of Cyprus cards 1 point for every transaction of €2.