Petrolina: Collect for Spiegelau Glasses, for special moments!
New promotion at Petrolina, Agip and Εni stations
07 July 2021

Petrolina’s new promotional campaign, “Spiegelau glasses for special moments!”, offers from July 7th the opportunity to all of its customers to purchase one or more Spiegelau glasses, with a discount of up to 75% over recommended retail price.

The company’s short-term loyalty programme (Continuity Progam) will last 12 weeks. Customers will be given a stamp for every purchase of P-EnergyMax fuel worth of €10 at Petrolina, Agip and Eni stations. By filling the special flyer given out at the stations with 8 stamps, customers will be able to redeem it and purchase a Spiegelau glass of their choice with a discount of up to 75% on the recommended retail price.

The collection consists of 6 different Spiegelau glasses. Stamps can be collected until 27 September 2021, while completed leaflets can be redeemed until 3 October 2021.

Founded in 1521, Spiegelau combines over 5 centuries of hand craftsmanship and innovation with the most advanced glass making technologies to produce superb glasses that are ideally suited for today’s way of life. The glasses are made in Germany. 

Enjoy responsibly!