Petrolina: a long-standing supporter of “Let’s Do It Cyprus!”
The Petrolina Energy Team took part in a clean-up campaign of Larnaca’s Patticheio Park
26 October 2022

Petrolina’s presence at the “Let’s do it Cyprus!” campaign was very substantial. Members of the Petrolina’s volunteer team took part in a clean-up campaign of Larnaca’s Patticheio Park, on Monday, 24 October 2022.  

The participation of the company’s employees in the campaign endorses, for another time, Petrolina’s staff pledge and dedication to the principles of volunteerism. In line with its long-standing commitment to contribute to society, the Petrolina Energy Team collected a large amount of waste, which it divided into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Specifically, Petrolina’s volunteers collected waste, such as plastic bottles or containers, metal packaging and TetraPak boxes, which it disposed into PMD recycling bags and took them for recycling.

This was only one of many volunteer activities carried out by the Petrolina Energy Team, which demonstrates its humanity and affection through its various contributions to society.

Petrolina is a long-standing strategic sponsor of the “Let’s Do it Cyprus!” campaign, as these type of actions are in line with the Company’s sustainable development and environmental protection strategy. The aim of “Let’s Do it Cyprus”, held between 24-30 October 2022 under the slogan #stoxerisou, is to raise awareness and promote the public’s active participation in matters related to the protection, preservation and sustainable management of Cyprus’ land and marine environment. Having the highest number of participants than any other similar clean-up event, it is Cyprus’ biggest environmental initiative.

“Let’s Do It Cyprus!”, is held every year with the participation of government bodies, municipalities, schools, companies and NGOs, as well as individuals who feel the need to support the initiative and contribute to the environment.

“Let’s Do It Cyprus!” is part of the global clean-up campaign “Let’s Do It! World”, who’s objective is to remove waste from the world’s natural ecosystems.