Petrolina supports social solidarity programmes and organizations with recognized contribution, for the successful address of social problems and support of disadvantaged groups and individuals. By setting up the Petrolina Community volunteers group, the company’s employees actively participate in the company’s CSR activities. 


  • Organising the 1st Social Contribution Festival in Larnaca, to reinforce and support the town’s Social Grocery
  • "Fill up with Love” campaign, a year’s duration, to support the Social Groceries of five Municipalities with the amount of €100.000
  • PETROLINA supports, among others, 
  •    Christina A. Apostolou Foundation
       Europa Donna Cyprus
       Cyprus Association “Make a Wish”
       Annual event “Telethon” 
       Cyprus charity “Cans for Kids”
       Support to the Melathron Agoniston EOKA medical centre
       Agios Lazaros Foundation
       Agios Spyridon Special School
       Cyprus Red Cross 
       Agios Georgios Foundation for Children with Special Needs
       Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends 
       Cyprus Anti-cancer Society
       Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association

12/09/2018 4th PETROLINA Charity Festival
22/03/2018 PETROLINA sponsors the annual “Love Route” for the tenth year running
16/02/2018 PETROLINA supports ‘ZOE’ Association fundraiser
25/09/2017 The 3rd Petrolina Charity Festival: With the message “Together we score a Goal in Life”
25/10/2017 Gift of life, from the Petrolina staff
20/03/2017 PETROLINA sponsors the “17th Love Route”
18/12/2016 PETROLINA sponsors the event «Christmas with our heart»
25/10/2016 PETROLINA filled “Cyprus with love”! at the 2nd Petrolina Charity Festival
15/09/2016 2nd Petrolina Charity Festival - “Let’s fill up Cyprus with Love!”
04/07/2016 Αιμοδοσία από το προσωπικό της ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ
24/03/2016 ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ: Για 8η χρονιά χορηγός της «Διαδρομής Αγάπης»
21/06/2016 Petrolina to cover fuel cost of firefighting aircraft
31/01/2014 PETROLINA continues to support EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS
29/09/2013 Thousands of people attended PETROLINA’s 1st Charity Festival
14/09/2013 PETROLINA: Major Sponsor of the event "Γιορτή Αγάπης και Ανθρωπιάς 2013"
05/06/2013 PETROLINA offers €100.000 to Social Groceries
29/05/2013 PETROLINA: Great promoter of the concert "Μαζί για τη Λάρνακα και τον συνάνθρωπό μας" in Larnaca
03/04/2013 Blood donation at PETROLINA main offices
16/03/2013 PETROLINA and PPT offer fuel for TELETHON 2013 «Ταξίδι με τα Φτερά της Ελπίδας»
14/03/2013 PETROLINA: For the 5th year sponsor of "Διαδρομή Αγάπης"
02/01/2013 PETROLINA continues to support EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS
17/10/2012 Blood donation at PETROLINA main offices
15/09/2012 PETROLINA: Major Sponsor of the event "Γιορτή Αγάπης και Ανθρωπιάς 2012"
29/08/2012 PETROLINA offers uniforms for all general assistants of the Nicosia General Hospital
17/03/2012 PETROLINA offers fuel for TELETHON 2012 "Ταξίδι με τα Φτερά της Ελπίδας"
15/03/2012 PETROLINA: Sponsors "Διαδρομή Αγάπης" for the 4th year
18/03/2011 PETROLINA: Sponsors "Διαδρομή Αγάπης" for the 3rd year
21/12/2010 Gifts from PETROLINA
20/01/2010 PETROLINA supports those who support society