A country’s cultural heritage defines its character, in the present and future, and is an integral part of its identity. Petrolina supports various activities and events related to cultural and historical inheritance, and sponsors sports clubs and federations due to the values that can be learned, values that we share: hard-work, respect, teamwork, commitment, discipline, fair play.  


  • Sponsoring cultural events (theatre, festivals, concerts)
  • Building an iconostasis for the Ayia Phaneromeni Church in Larnaca
  • Supporting events by the Cyprus Fire Services
  • Supporting events by the Police
  • Football academies and basketball teams
  • Football and basketball clubs
  • Cyprus Ski Federation
  • Supporting the Swimming Federation
  • Supporting the Tennis Federation

13/03/2018 PETROLINA is Race Sponsor at the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO 2018
14/02/2018 Petrolina Racing Team takes the lead and secures
04/04/2017 PETROLINA sponsors scientific workshop of the Fire Service
14/03/2017 “Petrolina Energy Day”
22/02/2017 PETROLINA Energizes the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO
21/03/2017 Petrolina-eni racing on the first rankings at Tour of Cyprus Rally
16/02/2017 Petrolina-eni racing on the first two rankings at East Safari Rally
15/12/2016 PETROLINA presents the Christmas Parade and welcomes Santa Claus to Larnaca
16/12/2016 “Christmas Magic”... with PETROLINA
14/12/2016 PETROLINA sponsored the “1st Science Festival of Cyprus”
10/10/2016 PETROLINA sponsors the 12th Cyprus International Swimming Marathon
08/04/2016 H ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ στηρίζει τον αθλητισμό - Χορηγός του Petrolina 10km Energy Race του ΟΠΑΠ Μαραθώνιου Λεμεσού ΓΣΟ
08/07/2016 Η ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ στηρίζει τα μεγάλα αθλητικά γεγονότα - Χρυσός χορηγός του Παγκόσμιου Πρωταθλήματος Beach Volley U19
11/02/2016 Η EUROPA DONNA Κύπρου τέλεσε τα εγκαίνια του νέου της Σπιτιού στη Λάρνακα.
20/07/2016 Η ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ παρουσιάζει Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας με θέμα Λάρνακα - Κυπριακή Πετοσφαίριση.
09/08/2016 Η ΠΕΤΡΟΛΙΝΑ στηρίζει τους Κύπριους αθλητές που συμμετέχουν στους Ολυμπιακούς του Ρίο
12/09/2013 PETROLINA sponsors UCL students meeting
19/02/2013 «How to motivate young people» lecture at Pagkyprio Lykeio Larnakas
11/07/2012 PETROLINA sponsors World Championship of Beach Volley for Girls
23/05/2012 PETROLINA sponsors cycling event «Γύρος της Κύπρου 2012»
06/05/2012 PETROLINA sponsors the Pancyprian Firefighters Games
23/10/2011 PETROLINA sponsors Cyprus Swimming Federation
03/06/2010 Faneromeni Church Iconostasis