PETROLINA filled “Cyprus with love”! at the 2nd Petrolina Charity Festival
Huge success with thousands of visitors

“Let’s fill up Cyprus with love” was the message heard all over Larnaka on the afternoon of 18th of September. Thousands of people visited the 2nd Petrolina Charity Festival at Europe Square in Larnaka and enjoyed a pleasant Sunday in support of Europa Donna Cyprus.

The public spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Festival with lots of fun activities. Kiosks with various games for the whole family and a fun-filled music and dance programme created a unique atmosphere. Batukinio percussion band, dancers and acrobats accompanied by the violist Michalis Tserkezos and the painter Loukis Agrotis entertained the crowds while Cypriot artists, Constantinos Christoforou and Despina Olympiou performed their greatest hits for more than 2 hours.

Entrance and participation was free of charge. All proceeds from food and drinks were donated to the Europa Donna organisation. Moreover, PETROLINA donated an additional amount of €10,000 to Europa Donna Cyprus, supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Georgia Lefkariti, Director of Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd, expressed her gratitude to everyone who attended for supporting this event, as well as associates who provided, pro bono, goods and services to the cause. Above all she thanked all the volunteers of Petrolina Community, made up by Petrolina Personnel, petrol station dealers as well as their families, for their participation and support to the cause. More than 200 volunteers from Petrolina helped out at the kiosks. Particular mention was made to the Petrolina Kids Community and the young volunteers who went on stage and spread messages of love, hope and solidarity.
Mrs. Lefkariti noted that “the volunteering element is embedded in the culture of the company. Volunteerism has been embraced with love and enthusiasm by Petrolina staff and the company itself contributes to the community through numerous charitable actions”.

PETROLINA, as a local company, supports and continuously adapts its charitable efforts to the needs of Cypriot society.

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