PETROLINA - ENI: New series motor oils ENI i-series
The new trends in Europe and the technology of the three new series of motor oils "eni i-series'' of ENI, (eni i-sint, eni i-sigma and eni i-ride), were recently presented at a seminar organized at the main offices of PETROLINA in Larnaka.
The seminar took place for PETROLINA managers and staff through an initiative of the Commercial Department. The main speaker was the Head of Technical Support and Research of Motor Oils (Refining & Marketing) of the Italian energy group ENI, Mr. Carlo Gommellini. Through this seminar several issues of motor oil technology were developed with particular emphasis on new technological challenges and requirements of modern automobile industry. The new series of motor oils eni i-series are already available from Petrolina and Agip service stations.

PETROLINA and ENI recently announced the renewal of their cooperation for another four years. The collaboration includes the exclusive license for the dealership, manufacture and distribution of lubricants, greases and special ENI liquids in the Cypriot market. The collaboration between PETROLINA and ENI began in the late '60s with the distribution of AgipGas in Cyprus, while in the early ‘70s the two partners agreed to the exclusive dealership of Agip products (today branded as ENI) in Cyprus. In the early '90s, the two companies collaborated on the organization of the manufacture of lubricants sector in Cyprus, and developed a new innovation in the field, while at the same decade agreed the operation of Agip service stations in Cyprus.
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