PETROLINA: For the 5th year sponsor of "Διαδρομή Αγάπης"
PETROLINA sponsored for yet another year the event "Διαδρομή Αγάπης” that was recently organized by the charity association "Ένα όνειρο μια ευχή". PETROLINA sponsors this event for the fifth consecutive year as part of its social contribution.

The event "Διαδρομή Αγάπης" is a four-day, nationwide course for motorcyclists that aims to raise awareness regarding the multiple problems faced by children and young people suffering from cancer. During the event "Διαδρομή Αγάπης" contributions are made to the charity association” Ένα όνειρο μια ευχή" which psychologically supports children with cancer by fulfilling wishes and by providing financial support to the children families.

PETROLINA, especially during this difficult economic period, continues to contribute to social cohesion and prosperity, supporting efforts to address problems of specific groups of our fellow citizens.
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