PETROLINA: Major Sponsor of the event "Γιορτή Αγάπης και Ανθρωπιάς 2012"
PETROLINA has been a major sponsor of the event " Γιορτή Αγάπης και Ανθρωπιάς 2012", organized by the foundation "Christina A. Apostolou" for the fourth consecutive year. The event was held on Saturday, Sept. 15, at Larnaka Municipal Gardens, with the participation of choirs, musicians and dance groups, clowns and a shadow theater. The public response has been even greater this year, helping to create a pleasant and lively atmosphere.
PETROLINA participated in the event with its own kiosk, through which PETROLINA's volunteers sold flowers and donated the money earned to the foundation. PETROLINA's Director of Public Relations Mrs Georgia Lefkariti said that PETROLINA will continue to support programs of social solidarity, especially in these difficult times we live in, helping project stakeholders with recognized charitable action to address social problems and supporting socially vulnerable groups and individuals.

The Foundation "Christina A. Apostolou" is a Charitable Foundation with more than 1900 registered members, which aims to economically support children with chronic diseases for their treatment in Cyprus and/or abroad and to offer them a better future.
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