PETROLINA, as a Cypriot oil company, implements a coherent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and contribution policy, which covers a broad range of activities, thus reciprocating the trust Cypriot consumers have embraced the Company through the years.
PETROLINA’s aim is to constantly enhance its role as an active corporate citizen, who respects and promotes our country’s social, environmental and cultural values: respect towards the human being and human dignity, respect towards the environment we inherited, improving the standard of living and quality of life.

Our mission: to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices, always respecting the consumer and the environment. 

Our values: commitment and dedication to the consumer, respect to the individual, teamwork and honesty in all of our transactions. 

PETROLINA’s CSR strategy is developed over four areas:



InBusiness Awards
Petrolina was awarded in 2012 at the Cyprus InBusiness Awards as the company with the strongest social responsibility in the CSR category for 2011.

European Business Awards
In 2012, PETROLINA qualified to the final phase of the European Business Awards. Along with the qualification, PETROLINA was also pronounced National Champion in Cyprus, after qualifying in the category of Environmental and Corporate Sustainability. 

The institution of the European Business Awards is an independent pan-European event, which recognises and rewards excellence, best practices and innovation in the European business community. Recipients of the awards are modern enterprises, which engage in creative initiatives, promoting best practices for entrepreneurship with their operations.