Bridgestone tyres offer you free fuel!

4 Bridgestone tyres = 10% of your purchase in free Petrolina platinum+ automotive fuels!

The promotion is organized and run by Bridgestone (Lefkaritis Bros Ltd) in cooperation with Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd.


Bridgestone makes the purchase of tyres even more attractive and worthwhile with a great offer. With the purchase of 4 Bridgestone tyres, you receive 10% of your tyre purchase in Petrolina platinum+ automotive fuels. For example if you purchase 4 tyres worth €500, you get €50 worth of free Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuels.

Bridgestone is the No.1 tyre manufacturer in the world and offers top-quality products at truly competitive prices. Bridgestone tyres combine advanced technology with durability and above all safety. So why would you settle for lower quality tyres at the risk of your own safety when you can have outstanding quality tyres at affordable prices?


Bridgestone tyres are imported and distributed in Cyprus by Lefkaritis Bros Ltd.


For more information about the promotion and the participating dealers visit Bridgestone’s website or contact 24 848 200.


1. The Bridgestone – Petrolina Winter 2015 promotion is organised and run by Lefkaritis Bros Ltd (“LBL”) and Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd (“PHL”).
2. The right to participate in the promotion is reserved to consumers (individuals). Legal entities or commercial customers of LBL are not entitled to participate.
3. Participation in this promotion is acquired with the purchase of 4 Bridgestone tyres (passenger, 4x4, light tuck (commercial) listed in the respective official price list of LBL) either from LBL or from selected tyre shops/associates of LBL participating in the promotion (see table of participating shops) (the " Participation Purchase"). Tyres that were not imported in Cyprus by LBL do not qualify for this promotion.
4. Participation in the promotion can be acquired by Participation Purchases made and completed between 07/10/2015 - 07/12/2015. In case of uncertainty, the date on the purchase invoice prevails.
5. With each Participation Purchase, the consumer will be entitled to FREE vehicle fuel from PHL, which corresponds to 10% of the value of the tyres purchased, as proven by the purchase invoice. With each Participation Purchase, the consumer will receive an envelope containing instructions, a form to be completed and the Bridgestone Promo Card (Fuel Card).
6. To activate the Bridgestone Promo Card (Fuel Card), the consumer must complete the form included in the envelope and present it at any PHL authorisation centre (see table Authorisation Centres), together with the vehicle on which the new tyres were fitted and the original purchase invoice of the tyres.
7. Within 3 working days from the above presentation and audit of the justifying evidence and vehicle, the Bridgestone Promo Card will be activated and credited with the respective amount of fuel, ready to be used throughout the Petrolina & Agip network in Cyprus.
8. The Bridgestone Promo Card (Fuel Card) is not exchangeable with cash and cannot be used in combination with any other special offer or promotion.
9. The promotion may change or its terms may be amended without prior notice.
10. Each Bridgestone Promo Card (Fuel Card) can be used until 30/06/2016. After that date, it will be automatically cancelled and will not be redeemable or entitle its holder to any rights.
11. Participation of a person in the promotion constitutes unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions of the promotion as well as participation in and authorisation to use his/her name or image for any publicity or marketing activity, which may be organized by LBL and PHL.

For more information, consumers can visit or call 24 848200.