Special offers on lubricants by Petrolina and Eni for 40 years of cooperation

Premium lubricant Eni i-Base 15W-40 only €3.50 per litre

Cypriot petroleum company Petrolina, in cooperation with the Italian energy giant Eni, offers premium Eni lubricants that guarantee top performance, strength and longevity for your car engine. To mark 40 years of successful cooperation between the two companies, Petrolina offers the lubricant Eni i-Base 15W-40 at the special price of €3.50.

The offer applies for purchases and/or oil change of the lubricant Eni i-Base 15W-40 in quantities of 1 and 4 litres. Similar offers for two additional lubricants, Eni i-Sint 10W-40 and Eni i-Sint 5W-30 at the special price of €3.95 and €5.25 per litre respectively, also apply.

Petrolina’s new promotional campaign is open to all customers who buy Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuel worth €20 or more in one transaction at participating Petrolina and Agip service stations. For usual car types, one voucher will be given for every fuel purchase of €20 or more while for buses and trucks one voucher will be given for every purchase of €100 or more. When automotive fuel is purchased from an outdoor payment terminal, the voucher can be collected during opening hours at the same petrol station upon presentation of the receipt.

Vouchers can be redeemed for the purchase and/or oil change of up to 6 litres for passenger/van vehicles and up to 12 litres for trucks and lorries. Consumers can redeem their vouchers up until 31/01/2016.

Petrolina is the authorised representative of Eni in Cyprus for the past 40 years. For more information visit


(1) The promotion is organised and conducted by Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd (the “Company”).

(2) The right to participate in the promotion is reserved to all persons who have purchased Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuel valued €20 and over in a single transaction from any Petrolina and Agip petrol station participating in this promotion.

(3) For usual car types, only one voucher shall be offered for each purchase with a value of €20 and above. For lorries and buses, only one voucher shall be offered for each purchase with a value of €100 and above. Multiple purchases from the same station on the same day may be treated at the discretion of the Company as a single transaction.  

(4) In the event of an automotive fuel purchase via an Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT), the voucher can be acquired during working hours of the station where the purchase was made, upon presentation of the respective receipt.

(5) Every voucher which is used and delivered lawfully and in accordance with the terms of this promotion, offers the following special prices for the purchase of vehicle lubricants or oil change only for the following three items and packages of 1 litre and 4 litres from any Petrolina and Agip petrol stations participating in this promotion:

i.   eni i-Base 15W-40 / €3,50 per litre        
ii.  eni i-Sint 10W-40 / €3,95 per litre
iii. eni i-Sint 5W-30 / €5,25 per litre

(6) Offer is valid only for purchases or/and oil change without additional charge, up to 6 litres for usual car types and up to 12 litres for lorries.

(7) The voucher is not exchangeable with cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.  

(8) The promotion may be terminated or the terms amended without prior notice.

(9) The voucher(s) can be redeemed until 31/01/2016. After this date, the vouchers are invalid, cannot be redeemed and they have no value.

(10) Participation in the promotion constitutes full acceptance of all terms and conditions of the promotion as well as authorisation for any marketing activity which may be organised by the Company.

For more information visit or call at 24 848 000.