PETROLINA Promotion with cooperation with STEFANIS

The new promotional activity of Petrolina in collaboration with STEFANIS gives you the opportunity to get technology products in amazing prices!

By collecting the number of tokens corresponding to each product as indicated in the brochure with 10 special offer products, you can get them from any STEFANIS store throughout Cyprus, paying only the specific product price.

With every fuel purchase worth € 25 and over it will be offered a voucher, and with every purchase worth € 50 and over two coupons will be offered. In a case of a fuel purchase from a payment machine, customers of PETROLINA and AGIP must present proof that they will receive during the operation of the same station, so as to ensure the relative slip.

The promotion is valid until 31/05/2011 or until exhaustion of coupons. The coupons can be redeemed until 15/6/2011.