The company imports distilled products from refineries located in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. In order to bring those quantities to Cyprus, the company charters a modern, double-hull tanker on a long-term basis. All products meet the most stringent European and local specifications. To ensure quality, the company tests each import at accredited laboratories before releasing the products to the consumer.

In 2008, Petrolina in cooperation with the US based Biofriendly Corporation introduced to the Cyprus market, the new generation automotive fuels Platinum+, with the liquid catalyst Green Plus, resulting in significant fuel consumption.

Today Petrolina Platinum+ fuels continue to offer savings with the same proven successful formula.

What is Petrolina Platinum+?
Petrolina Platinum+ are high-level efficiency fuels of superior technology, containing the liquid catalyst Green Plus that substantially improves engine combustion due to better fuel oxygenation, which results in noticeable fuel savings, increased engine performance and emissions reduction.

What do Petrolina Platinum+ fuels offer?
Due to the improved combustion Petrolina Platinum+ fuels, offer:
• Fuel saving
• Up to 7%* increased engine performance
• Up to 40%* less gas emissions

Petrolina Platinum+ are automotive fuels available in unleaded 95 and 98 octane gasoline and low sulphur EuroDiesel, without any additional cost.

* The percentages have been recorded in laboratory tests that took place in countries outside Cyprus. The percentage comparison relates to vehicle fuel before and after the addition of the Green Plus catalyst. The percentages may vary as a result of a series of factors, including vehicle age and type, fuel type, combustion technology, maintenance, driving manners etc.

1. Is Green Plus an additive or a catalyst?
Green Plus is not an additive. It is a liquid catalyst, which substantially improves engine combustion, without changing the chemical composition of the fuel.

2. Can the use of Petrolina Platinum+ cause any problems to my car engine?
None. Biofriendly Corporation has invested over 15 years of research for the development of the liquid catalyst Green Plus. Green Plus has secured the best positive results in an extensive series of trials and tests in distinguished labs and research centres in the US and Europe, without the detection of any negative effects on engine or vehicle. Green Plus is the basic component of Petrolina Platinum+ fuels.

3. Do Petrolina Platinum+ fuels affect the engine’s lubricant?
Yes, they affect it positively. The liquid catalyst Green Plus, contained in Petrolina Platinum+, reduces metal residue, which is the main cause of engine wear. Petrolina Platinum+ fuels also offer improved engine performance between oil changes, reduce maintenance costs and increase its lifespan.

4. How long will it take before I start seeing the results on my car?
You will notice the difference, from the very first tank fillings. The results and benefits will become more noticeable after the regular use of Petrolina Platinum+ fuels. The end result is total improvement of engine performance and purity, due to improved combustion.

5. How much do Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuels cost to the consumer?
There is no additional charge to the consumer.

6. Which vehicles can use Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuels?
All vehicles. New, old, saloon, trucks, motorcycles, even leisure crafts can use them and have improved engine performance. 

7. Where can I find Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuels?
Petrolina Platinum+ automotive fuels are available exclusively at all Petrolina and Agip stations.