Over the last 60 years, at Petrolina, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services, through strategic planning, research and commitment to quality and people.

Our new premium quality automotive fuels, Petrolina-Energy Max (P-EnergyMax), contain a high technology additive, that when used continuously, can help protect the engine, reduce emissions and give the driver more mileage with each refill.*


P-EnergyMax automotive fuels contain a high technology additive that provides:

– By maintaining the engine clean and protected from corrosion therefore increasing its durability.


Performance – By removing harmful deposits from inside the engine and contributing to greater efficiency.


Fewer Emissions – A cleaner engine helps reduce emissions 


Economy – By protecting the engine and keeping it clean, P-EnergyMax automotive fuels give more kilometers per fill, taking the driver a bit further between fill-ups.

*The basis for comparison is versus automotive fuels without additives and when used continuously. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as: the state and type of engine, driving style, fuels previously used and other parameters.

P-EnergyMax automotive fuels are available in 95 and 98 octane unleaded petrol, as well as in EuroDiesel, at no additional cost, at Petrolina stations.

The company imports distilled products from refineries located in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. In order to bring those quantities to Cyprus, the company charters a modern, double-hull tanker on a long-term basis. All products meet the most stringent European and local specifications. To ensure quality, the company tests each import at accredited laboratories before releasing the products to the consumer.