Campaign "Γεμίστε Αγάπη"

At a press conference held on Wednesday, 5 of June, PETROLINA announced the financial support of Social Groceries in five Municipalities with the amount of € 100.000, in a campaign that will last one year. 

The campaign named “Γεμίστε Αγάπη” has as its main message the phrase “Όλοι μαζί μπορούμε να γεμίσουμε την Κύπρο Αγάπη!”, and aims to the economic support of the economically disadvantaged groups within our society, through the Social Groceries. The campaign will be completed in June 2014 and during this time; PETROLINA will provide monthly donations to the Social Groceries of Larnaka, Nicosia, Famagusta, Limassol and Paphos.

Additionally the staff and stations of PETROLINA-AGIP will actively participate in fundraiser events and activities to further support our fellow citizens. Also, PETROLINA will organize its 1st charity festival in September.

PETROLINA's Director of Public Relations, Mrs Georgia Lefkariti, stated that "In these difficult economic times that our country is going through, we at PETROLINA feel the obligation and the need to further support the Cypriot economy and society as a whole, so that none of our fellow citizens is deprived of basic goods that would ensure a good standard of living." She added that "these acts of solidarity and humanity are sending the message that Cypriots will continue to walk with optimism to the future, supporting each other both in times of prosperity and in times of economic distress."

Further, Mrs Georgia Lefkariti thanked PETROLINA staff for their participation in the new campaign. Public appreciation is extended also to municipalities and citizens who for several months support in every way this great and noble effort of our society.