The secret of Platinum+

The innovative automotive fuel Platinum+, which is offered exclusively in the Cypriot market by PETROLINA in collaboration with the American Biofriendly Corporation, offers up to 12% fuel savings.

Platinum+ contains the liquid catalyst Green Plus, which significantly improves engine combustion due to better oxygenation, while it provides increase in the power of the engine by up to 7% and a reduction of pollution emission by 40%. Green Plus is not an additive that is mixed with the fuels but a liquid catalyst that does not change the chemical composition of the fuel.

American Biofriendly Corporation has invested approximately 30 million U.S. dollars in the last 15 years in research and development for the creation of the particular catalyst, which has obtained positive comments at resolutions from prestigious research centers worldwide. It has also successfully passed tests that covered 4 billion miles on the road, without any negative impact on any vehicle.

Platinum+ can be used by all motor vehicles of all types and ages, and is available in Unleaded 95, Unleaded 98 and Euro Diesel LS exclusively at all Petrolina and Agip service stations, without any additional costs to the consumer.