Impressive performance by Petrolina Racing Team in Rally Championship 2017
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Congratulations to all the crews

That was another successful season for Petrolina Race Team which proved its dominance in automobile sports by winning titles and achievements.
The 2nd Eni petrol station in Limassol
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As of 13th of December 2017, Limassol is home to the second petrol station on the island bearing the logo and name of Italian multinational Eni. The former Agip petrol station is located at Nicos Pattichis Avenue in Kato Polemidia in Limassol, under the management of Mr Nicos S. Nicolaides.
PETROLINA as a sponsor of the 1st Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon
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Petrolina Energy Team achieved the third place in the 5 km corporate road race

The 1st Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon which took place on the 19th of November, was marked with absolute success, with Petrolina being one of the major sponsors. Petrolina was represented by the "Petrolina Energy Team" achieving a 3rd place out of 39 registered companies in the 5 kilometres run. Petrolina also set up a kiosk offering commemorative gifts. The atmosphere of the whole event became even more festive and pleasant with the presence of the Petrolina mascot.
Inauguration of the LCA Aviation Fuelling System LTD (LAFS)
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Member of the Petrolina Group of Companies

The inauguration of the impressive fuel farm of LCA Aviation Fuelling System LTD (LAFS) in Larnaka took place on Thursday the 30th of November, 2017 by the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiades. Numerous government and state officials, economic and business leaders and associates of the company honoured the event with their presence.
Petrolina donates €26,209 to ‘Goal in Life’
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Honorary event for supporters and volunteers and an accountability report of the 3rd Petrolina Charity Festival

With a donation of €26.209, PETROLINA, the Cypriot petroleum company, supports the charity organization ‘Goal in Life’. The amount includes a €15.000 donation by PETROLINA and €11.209 resulting from the sales of food, beverages, commemorative gifts and contributions from the public at the 3rd Petrolina Charity Festival, which was organised last September.
The 3rd Petrolina Charity Festival: With the message “Together we score a Goal in Life”
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Great success with thousands of people
Petrolina donates €15.000

A vibrant atmosphere of love and friendship filled the Europe Square in Larnaca during the afternoon of Sunday September 24th, 2017. Thousands of people of all ages came together, including the President of the Republic of Cyprus, making the 3rd Petrolina Charity Festival a great success, supporting the Charity-Volunteer organization ‘Goal in Life’.
Eni petrol stations in Cyprus
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Rebranding of Agip stations to Eni The first Eni petrol station in Nicosia
Now, at Petrolina,you get rewarded! when using the Bank of Cyprus cards, at Petrolina and Agip stations.
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Petrolina, the first Cypriot petroleum company in Cyprus, announces its participation in the antamivi reward scheme as part of its new cooperation with Bank of Cyprus.
Petrolina is the only petroleum company in Cyprus participating in the antamivi reward Scheme of the Bank of Cyprus.
The scheme rewards with points, everyday transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards, in more than 600 outlets all over Cyprus. One can redeem these points when purchases are made from the participating businesses.
PETROLINA opens the first licensed Autogas station in Cyprus
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PETROLINA is the first company in Cyprus to secure all necessary permits for the operation of the first Autogas station.
17th Annual General Meeting
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Petrolina: Renewal of the strategic cooperation with Eni Italy – New infrastructure projects – Continuous improvement of petrol station network

Important references to the new infrastructure projects and to the continuous improvements to its petrol stations’ network, as well as to the renewal of its international co-operations were made at the 17th Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd, held in the 28th of June 2017.
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