3rd Petrolina Festival
Monday 18 September 2017
3rd Petrolina Festival
Rebranding of Agip stations to Eni
Thursday 31 August 2017

The first Eni petrol station in Nicosia

Antamivi Rewards scheme now at Petrolina, with Bank of Cyprus cards
Thursday 24 August 2017
Antamivi Rewards scheme now at Petrolina, with Bank of Cyprus cards
PETROLINA opens the first licensed Autogas station in Cyprus
Thursday 10 August 2017

PETROLINA is the first company in Cyprus to secure all necessary permits for the operation of the first Autogas station.

This summer, Petrolina drives us to Public!
Thursday 03 August 2017

€10 Gift voucher, for school supplies and other products

This August, Petrolina offers a 10 euro Public gift voucher, with every purchase of automotive fuel worth 25 euro or more at selected Petrolina and Agip stations.

17th Annual General Meeting
Friday 30 June 2017


Petrolina: Renewal of the strategic cooperation with Eni Italy – New infrastructure projects – Continuous improvement of petrol station network

Important references to the new infrastructure projects and to the continuous improvements to its petrol stations’ network, as well as to the renewal of its international co-operations were made at the 17th Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd, held in the 28th of June 2017.
PETROLINA’s annual blood donation in memory of Nakis Lefkaritis
Friday 16 June 2017

A blood donation in memory of Mr. Nakis Lefkaritis was held in the company headquarters in Larnaca, on 15th of June 2017. Headquarters personnel, petrochemical and LPG plant personnel of the Company took actively part in the annual blood donation, together with staff from PETROLINA gas stations.

Petrolina supports the Association for the Protection of Animals & Birds
Thursday 15 June 2017
Grand Sponsor of the concert by Machairitsas-Zouganeli-Boulgaraki

Charity and love for animals are values which portray the civilization level of each country.  Petrolina, within this framework and its social responsibility, was the Grand Sponsor of the concert of Machairitsas-Zouganeli-Boulgaraki, organized with great success by the Association for the protection of Animals and Birds of Famagusta.

PETROLINA: Grand Sponsor of the 7th Green-Dot Environment and Recycling Festival
Tuesday 23 May 2017


PETROLINA was for one more year the Grand Sponsor of the Environment and Recycling Festival organized by Green Dot Cyprus, as part of its social contribution. The 7th Festival which included games for young and old, music, environmental communication and creative activities, took place with great success on Saturday 29 May 2017 in the Acropolis Park in Nicosia.

Petrolina is mega sponsor of ‘Goal in Life’, the new Charity – Voluntary Footballers Association
Friday 19 May 2017


Petrolina, the Cypriot Petroleum Company, is one of the mega-sponsors of the newly formed Charity – Voluntary Footballers Association, named ‘Goal in Life’.