In PETROLINA we try to create an ideal working environment for our employees, where mutual trust, teamwork and respect are essential values. We encourage the development of a culture of innovation that will enable us to improve the performance of employees, the development of skills and abilities and reward their contribution.

Employees are the most important "chapter" of development for PETROLINA. For this reason, the Company's management and the HR department invests systematically in the selection, training, retention and progress of its human resources in order to be the prior option of employer.

PETROLINA's main goal is to attract and retain qualified human resources that will embrace the values and principles of PETROLINA and will contribute to achieving the tasks of the organization and will seek to continue its dynamic progress.

The strength and competitiveness that determines PETROLINA's success arises from its personnel, which is comprised of the most dedicated and suitably qualifiedpeople in the field of petroleum. The training and development of employees are the main ways to upgrade the professional level of employees and consequentlyPETROLINA’s. For this purpose, PETROLINA ensures good and safe working conditions with equal rights and opportunities for all while it arranges training anddevelopment programs to constantly improve the skills of its personnel. The continuous improvement of professional skills and knowledge of employees in combinationwith the promotion of self-education and lifelong learning are crucial priorities for PETROLINA regarding the management of human resources.

If you wish to contact us, please send us an e-mail at careers@petrolina.com.cy or by mail at:

Human Resources Manager
Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd
P.O. Box 40162
6301 Larnaka